Ultraskin – A new line of undersuits

Ultra-warm and ultra-comfortable!

Mares’ Ultraskin range is made from an innovative, three-layer material combining a fleece layer against the skin for the best thermal protection, a breathable and wind-proof internal membrane and an external nylon layer for the perfect fit, durability and elasticity.

The characteristics of this high-tech material make it easy to don, providing great freedom of movement and resistance to wear. 

In a range of styles, the Ultraskin line includes both male and female models, featuring a  Steamer, Long-sleeved top, Short-sleeved top, Sleeveless top with hood, Sleeveless top without hood, Shorts and Long pants.


Our versatile Ultraskin undersuits are the ideal choice for use with wet or dry suits as well as during other water sports activities: tried, tested and proven by the Scubalab team! In fact, we’re thrilled to announce our Ultraskin Steamer was selected for the Scubalab Tester’s Choice 2020 award for exposure suits, taking the top spot against 5 other competitor models!

‘Easy to don and doff wet or dry’

‘The breathable membrane did a good job blocking a brisk, cold wind even when wet. But the layer that stood out was the plush lining: “Warm” and “soft” appeared repeatedly in testers’ comments along with “surprised how warm I stayed” and “I could wear this to bed”’

‘It was the only suit rated excellent for comfort and warmth under both wetsuits and drysuits’

The range also includes an optional hood, gloves and socks.

Featuring both male and female dedicated models:

• Steamer: a classic one-piece with elastic loops at the wrists and ankles, designed to be particularly helpful when used as an undersuit.

• Long Sleeve: a long-sleeved top with no hood. Elastic loops at the wrists make it easy to wear as an undersuit. Includes a drawstring at the waist for a better fit.

• Short Sleeve: a short-sleeved top with a drawstring at the waist.

• Sleeveless with hood: a sleeveless top with integrated hood and drawstring waist.

• Sleeveless without hood: a sleeveless top with no hood and drawstring waist.

• Shorts

• Long Pants