The new EOS LRZ torch line!

LED lights, Rechargeable, Zoomable - What else do you need?

Seven different sizes to better suit your needs! From the most powerful, EOS 32LRZ, to the smallest torch in our line, the EOS 5LRZ.

Want to use it out of the water? No problem, Mares has got your back! Our new EOS LRZ torches feature an innovative temperature control system that allows you to use them both underwater and on land!

The perfect torch for every occasion!

EOS LRZ Torch LineEOS LRZ Torch Line

All the torches in the new line have an LED visual battery charge indicator that allows you to keep the battery level under control.

Dive or recharge? Just one look and you'll know! Four different colours will help you to understand the battery level.


Includes a built-in, rechargeable USB system: charge it at home, from your car or at work from your PC!