The new must-have for all spearfishers and freedivers:

Hydro propel buoy!

The Hydro Propel buoy comes with a shoulder strap, a dive flag and a small but powerful pump, You can also arrange the shoulder strap to carry the buoy as a backpack for greater comfort.

Thanks to the included pump, is possible to inflate the buoy up to 0.15 bar, this gives the diver great support.

Hydro Propel BuoyHydro Propel Buoy

The mesh pocket on the top can be used to store your equipment during the dive.

The lateral elastic belt can be used to store a speargun or other equipment, and the handle makes it easy to carry your buoy outside the water.


Match your Hydro Propel buoy with the new buoy reel hydro, designed specifically for Mares freedivers and spearfishers.

The reel helps the line to stay clear and it comes with 30 meters of 1.4mm nylon transparent line and it can be fixed to the buoy by using a bungee or a carabiner.