Join our movement to reduce plastic in the ocean!

The time has come to act. Oceans need to be plastic free.
As divers, we love and respect the underwater world, including everything in it. This is a fundamental and core element of our passion; but the seas and oceans ask us to do more. The time has come to act.
We have adopted concrete measures to reduce unnecessary plastic in our company, and share the message with employees, collaborators and suppliers.
To safeguard what we love most, we must do our part to preserve all bodies of water, especially for future generations.  
This is our commitment, and why we are part of the Blue Oceans project, founded by our friends at SSI.
In addition to the core message of protecting the oceans and reducing plastic, SSI has created a free program aimed at raising awareness about how divers can actively help to protect the underwater environment.
By creating informed divers, highlighting how we can all contribute to this cause, even in small ways in our day-to-day lives, we believe we can really make a difference!
The movement needs to cover all aspects of the diving world; from equipment to training to creating certified, conscientious divers.
If we all work together, we can make this happen!

Get involved with the Blue Oceans project!

How can you participate in this global movement?

How can you participate in this global movement?

What changes is Mares making?

We are dedicated to employing innovative solutions to reduce unnecessary packing materials, replacing them with more eco-friendly alternatives...
Neoprene: We have now almost completely passed to eco packaging, with all wetsuits available in bags made from 80% corn.  
Masks: We have introduced cardboard packaging for masks in both our Scuba Diving and Aquazone ranges. Those for the Scuba Diving range are made from sugar cane fibers, a waste product from the food industry, which makes them 100% biodegradable in soil in 90 days. They are naturally white, so no bleaching, and their 'green' production process means low water consumption and pollution.
Accessories: Provided in corn bags, on card hangers or in reusable mesh bags.
Fins: Green 'bio-plastic' polybags have been introduced for all fins and snorkels. These bags are produced by extracting ethanol from sugar-cane instead of crude oil like standard plastic. With a BCC (Bio based Carbon Content) over 50%, it has low carbon dioxide emissions, leaving a smaller environmental footprint.
Undersuits: Sold in recyclable cardboard boxes.
Many of our products, such as our range of Regulators, are already available in reusable packaging or recyclable cardboard, with further changes being implemented gradually within all product lines to improve our eco-friendly 'Blue Oceans' approach, reduce our carbon footprint and reduce unnecessary plastic!