Switch wetsuit: two suits in one!

Decide how to wear it depending on your mood.

Wetsuit switchWetsuit switch

Bright colors or a classic look? With the new Switch wetsuit you can decide for every dive!

Discover the men's and women's models with dedicated cuts.

The wetsuit is made in Ultrastretch neoprene with a front zip for easier donning.

Switch wetsuitSwitch wetsuit

The coloured side includes designs on the wrists and ankles which make it look even more unique!

The more classic side is embellished with a logo on the front and lettering on the wrists and ankles. 

Switch wetsuitSwitch wetsuit

Perfect for your warm water dives and all watersports.

With the Switch wetsuit, you can decide the tone of your dive - sporty and chic or more serious and classic? Never be bored and continue to surprise yourself and others!