Guardian Ergotrim

The Airtrim technology with an extra something: Ergotrim

Guardian ErgotrimGuardian Ergotrim

In 2001 Mares took the industry by storm when it introduced the Airtrim Technology. With this new feature, the divers were able to adjust buoyancy no matter the diving position.

Guardian ErgotrimGuardian Ergotrim

In 2022, Mares outdoes itself by introducing Ergotrim, a new technology that combined the pneumatic deflation of the Aitrim into the standard Ergo inflator. The end result is a very streamlined BC, one-hand operation under all circumstances, an uncluttered left shoulder and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you don’t need to change your position in the water to deflate the BC.

Guardian color kitGuardian color kit

The Guardian can be personalized with a dedicated colour kit (sold separately) available in four different colours!