The ultimate expression of Mares design combined with 100% Ultrastretch material.
The Flexa suit family offers a wide range of high-quality wetsuits to choose from based on your diving conditions. The Mares Flexa is not just a single wetsuit, but a family of three.

The Flexa 8/6 is designed to protect divers in cold water environments.

The Flexa 5/4 is appropriate for temperate waters.

The Flexa 3/2 is best for warm water diving.

Mares Flexa wetsuits use different neoprene thicknesses for different areas of the body, in 100% Ultrastretch, top-quality neoprene with an unparalleled finish and attention to detail.
Available in a wide variety of sizes, the Flexa wetsuit is appropriate for both male and female divers, with a dedicated design and tailored cut for each model and an extended size range for the best wearability.

Flexa FamilyFlexa Family

The suits are equipped with a front zipper that includes a smooth neoprene flap and a new, soft custom closure for better comfort at the neck.

These suits can easily be combined with the Mares Flexa Core Shorty or the Flexa Vest if an additional layer is needed. A Back Comfort System (BCS) covers the back and shoulders.

This construction increases comfort in the most stressed areas when wearing a BCD, together with a dedicated shoulder grip area.
An anti-slip print on the wrists keeps your computer/instrument in place when diving.

Wrist and ankle panels also have a Glideskin lining to minimize water entry at the sleeves and legs.
Kneepads are included in embossed Supratex, the perfect anti-abrasive material that does not compromise elasticity, with a unique Mares design.

Last but not least, the Flexa wetsuit series comes with an integrated clip to hold your diving hood in place or attach the optional Flexa Smart Pocket, making it more versatile.
Mares Flexa suits are the most sophisticated expression of Mares design.

Nothing has been left to chance!

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