Discover our ambassador of the month: David Giménez

David Giménez, also known as Oceandei, born in 1991, is a lover of the ocean and all the life it harbours. Since his childhood, he has been in contact with it. Currently, the sea is where he spends most of his time as a researcher, diving instructor, freediver and underwater photographer.

A psychologist specializing in emotional intelligence and the ethology of animal behaviour, he is conducting research in to different psychological behaviours, communication and the emotional intelligence of marine mammals.

He has traveled a lot and lived in different countries to learn about and work in diverse marine ecosystems around the world.

Currently, he is in Baja California Sur, recording different marine mammal behaviors, such as sea lions, whales, dolphins, sperm whales and orcas among other species.

He is known for his photographs, videos, and marine divulgation through social networks. He has also appeared in audiovisual media, talking about the behavior of marine animals.

He has been actively participating in marine conservation and protection for many years. He is involved in various ecological projects, also collaborating with numerous NGOs.

In one of his recent interviews, he said: "All the ecological statistics in reference to our planet are alarming, both at present and in the various predictions for the future. It is our duty not to go back down the same paths that have led us to where we are now. It is time to stop seeing nature as a threat which is different from us, trying to understand and learn from it from an ecological and humble point of view."

Damir is the founder of the environmental project „Think Green“, currently one of the projects dedicated to preserving the sea. All the waste they collect from the sea in collaboration with their partners is also retrieved, transported, separated, and recycled.

In the last two years alone, they have removed 51 tons of waste from the underwater environment in the Adriatic Sea. This project, along with their educational efforts for children without adequate parental care, earned them the Pride of Croatia („PONOS HRVATSKE“) award last year.

Underwater Photo Marathon

The Underwater Photo Marathon was initiated in 2013, featuring both an online underwater photography competition where people from all over the world submit their photographs online and one of the largest LIVE competitions with up to 100 participants from across Europe. The live competition has been hosted on the island of Rab in the city of Rab for the last four years.

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