Andrija Gazivoda

  • NATIONALITY: Montenegro
  • BORN: 1989-08-19


19.08.89 - 17.02.20

Ever since his childhood, Andrija has been attracted to extreme sports such as hiking, skiing, hunting and diving. The deep blue sea and its mysteries have always been a fascination of his. He grew up hearing stories about strong fishermen and their adventures battling big, dangerous fish. From an early age he started exploring different techniques, and soon after he started participating in all sorts of diving and spearfishing contests.

Although spearfishing is not the biggest sport in Montenegro, its rich sea life has been a never-ending inspiration, inspiring him to start his own sports club in 2017. The main idea of the club was to protect sealife against poaching.

He is a member of Montenegro’s first national team and a member of Mamula’s spearfishing club. He has competed in numerous national and international competitions. During all his competitions he has used Mares equipment which has always supported him, even on the deepest dives.

Over all these years of his career, one thing never changed. For him, spearfishing was never a trophy hunt but a way of life and enjoying underwater beauty.


2014 National Championship (Ulcinj) - 3rd place (individual) and 2nd place (team)

2015 Budva National Championship - 1st place

2015 National Championship - 1st place (individual & team)

2015 National Cup - 1st place

2015 Croatian National Cup (Mali Losinj) - 3rd place

2016 National Championship - 2nd place

2016 National Cup - 2nd place

2017 National Championship - 2nd place

2017 Montenegrin League (Ulcinj) - 2nd place

2017 Montenegrin League (Budva) - 2nd place

2017 Montenegrin League (Petrovac) - 3rd place

2018 Dive In Cup - 3rd place

2018 Montenegrin Championship – 2nd place (individual and team)

2019 Montenegrin Championship – 3rd place individual

2019 New Year’s Spearfishing Cup, Croatia (Mali Losinj) – 1st place

Equipment used: Smart Apnea dive computer - Razor Carbon Fins - Tana mask - Mares neoprene gloves and socks - Explorer Sport wetsuit - Viper Pro 90 speargun - Viper Pro 70 speargun


Rest in peace Andrija - The worldwide Mares Team