David Sigurthorsson

David Sigurthorsson


David took up diving in 1993 in the Red Sea. After a stint in Eilat and Sharm el Sheik it was time to get serious, become a dive professional and acquire some personal dive gear.

In 1995, David bought his first set of dive gear. The brand of choice? MARES from the get go - and he's not looked back. While suits, masks, fins and BCDs have come and gone with wear and tear over thousands of dives, David still dives his first regulator, the Abyss MR22, which has performed without as much as a single free-flow for over 22 years and is still going strong!

David then became a dive instructor in 1996 and spent 4 years in Thailand, where he guided liveaboard expeditions and taught hundreds of students. Then, in 1999, David became one of the trail-blazers of diving in Iceland.

He started by taking a few lucky divers to (now world-renowned) Silfra back when tours were few and far between and guiding it involved innovative thinking and some trial and error. With only a few dozen divers visiting Silfra per year in the 90’s it was indeed an exclusive club. The site was still all but unknown to the international dive community, but by passing the lessons learned on to subsequent ´generations´ of Icelandic dive guides, David has played a crucial role in the growth of diving in Iceland. Since then, Silfra and other Icelandic dive sites have become sought after destinations for divers from all over the world, thanks to the efforts and vision of David and his fellow pioneers.

Over the years, David has continued to amass experience and expand his reputation. His knowledge and expertise, when it comes to diving in Iceland, are unrivalled as he continues to explore and discover new dive sites and push the boundaries of Icelandic dive tourism. Among his conceptions are the one-of-a-kind "Final Frontier" liveaboard expedition and "Forces of Nature - Highlands Dive Expedition".

As the country's foremost expert, David has also worked as a guide and dive supervisor on such projects as:

Forces of Nature with Brian Cox (BBC), Earth's Wildest Waters: The Big Fish (BBC Two), Earth: The Power of the Planet (National Geographic, BBC & ZDF),A Year of Adventures w/ Ben Fogle (BBC Worldwide & Lonely Planet), The Adventure Show w/ Cameron McNeish (BBC TWO), Antur y Gorllewin w/ Iolo Williams (BBC Wales), Descending (Echo Bay Media), Berg på riktigt (Sveriges Television), Fierce Earth (CBBC) and Im Bann der Arktis w/ Klaus Scherer (NDR).

Furthermore, he's had the pleasure of guiding, among others, Tom Cruise & son, Bill Gates & family, King Carl Gustaf of Sweden and acted as stunt coordinator and safety diver for Kung Fu legend Jackie Chan.

It is, however, leading extended dive tours or expeditions where David is in his element, first and foremost.

As scores of divers can attest, his enthusiasm about his work and love for his country are quite contagious as he's always eager to share his passion with fellow adventurers and nature lovers.