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FW. Matrix V.2.0

FW. Matrix V.2.0


  • FW. Matrix V.2.0
    Available for MATRIX - 414166 / 414167 / 414170

    Dive Organizer 2.21 is needed to perform the upgrade and download the logbook.
    Remember to click the icon on the left for your download!

    The new features of the MATRIX FW 2.0:

    ■ Modified user-interface: the battery is completely charged when the four elements inside the battery icon stop blinking.
    ■ Activation/deactivation of deep stop function.
    (Set dive > deep stop > ON/OFF)
    ■ Activation/deactivation of display sleep mode to save battery power. When sleep mode is enabled the display switches off automatically after 5 minutes without button press. The display turns on by pressing any button. BY DEAFUALT THE SLEEP MODE IS ACTIVATED,
    (Set watch > sleep > ON/OFF)
    ■ Activation/deactivation of deep sleep function (everything is stopped, no clock update). The mode is used for shipping or during a long period of inactivity to save battery power.
    (Set watch > Turn OFF)

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