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Mission Puck 3

Mission Puck 3

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Enjoy the versatility of Puck

  • Puck computer in an ergonomic console
  • New gauge display for easy readability
  • Multiple attachment loops for flexible configuration
  • Air, Nitrox and Bottom Timer modes
  • EAN (NITROX) from 21 to 50%

The Puck family of consoles are comprised of the Puck computer capsule and a compact easy-toread pressure gauge with a chrome-plated brass body. Designed with optimized angles and shape for maximum ergonomics. The Mission Puck 3 includes a compact dedicated compass to meet all divers needs.


Max Displayed Depth:492ft
Memory capacity:36hr
Profile Sampling Rates:5s
Display:Segment Display
Residual Nitrogen Reset:Yes
User Replaceable Batteries:Yes
Option To Exclude Audible Alarm:Yes
Ascent Rate Digital Indicator (m/min - ft/min):Yes


  • Segment Display
    Needle-sharp information combined with intelligent placement of information for easiest readability.
  • One Button Control
    Full-featured computer in which all functions can be accessed through an intelligent and intuitive logic with a single button.


  • Diver's Diary V1.10 (Mac)
    Download the latest version of Diver's Diary from the App Store.
    • Full-featured logbook management software
    • Allows upgrading of firmware on compatible dive computers
    • Features tissue saturation graph with detailed evolution during the dive
    • For Mac only
  • Dive Organizer (PC) Web Installer Release 2.26
    • A software for managing your computer's logbook
    • Allows Firmware updates on compatible computers
    • Allows you to charge maps and images to your dive computer
    • Includes detailed dive graphics
    • Only for PC

    New Features (2.26)

    • Added UI elements related to Trimix dive mode
    • Added controls also for Buhlmann dives, Gradient Factor settings. Resources updated (to be checked, there are some missing localization).
    • Added Buhlmann settings to CSV export.
    • Added deco quota computation for Buhlmann dives in dive graph.
    • Added temperature and dive mode also for manually inserted dives.
    • "Computer info" form: diver's photo can be uploaded to Genius computers.


Customer Reviews

1 item(s)
Good Computer, poor support Review by jagordon3 / (Posted on 8/30/2018)
I've had this unit for several years, and it has been reliable, accurate, and relatively convenient. If you ever need to replace your computer's battery, tread lightly! The battery compartment has a very poorly designed polyethylene cover with a slot that might possibly be meant for a coin to help in unscrewing the cover. I've tried nearly everything, but have only succeeded in prying it off with a screwdriver after stripping the slot. This has not been designed by anybody having any idea of mechanical design, let alone ergonomic design.

This is a complicated instrument, and the supporting instruction manuals are very much in need of expansion and reworking, at least for the manual written in English. The details are only grudgingly included, and graphical aids are confusing. Be careful with this one.
1 item(s)
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