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Discover Mares' Prism Gloves, perfect for warm water freediving and spearfishing. These 0.5mm gloves provide exceptional protection and grip, making them ideal for underwater adventures.

Product Information


Mares' Prism Gloves – your ultimate companions for freediving and spearfishing in warm waters.

These 0.5mm high-performance polyethylene gloves offer exceptional protection and dexterity, making them the ideal spearfishing gloves.

Highly resistant, with a non-slip coating on the palms and between the fingers, you'll enjoy superior grip on your spear gun handle.

Dive confidently knowing your hands are well-protected with Mares' dive gloves.

• High resistance with a non-slip coating for additional protection on the palms and between the fingers for better grip on the spear gun handle
• Designed for warm water use
• Enhanced dexterity with maximum protection
• 0.5 mm
• Made from high-performance polyethylene


0.5 mm
High performance polyethylene
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