Explorer Sport 30 - Pants

Product No: 422313


The Explorer Sport 30 men's spearfishing jacket has a preformed cut and reinforcement zones. It differs from the Explorer model for its internal part, which in this model is an elastic lining, instead of open cells. Fit and comfort are guaranteed by the quality of the neoprene used in the suit.

Product Information


The pants of the Explorer 30 men's freediving wetsuit are made of 3 mm neoprene . The affordable and reliable Explorer Sport wetsuit from Mares is now available in 3mm thickness. This reduced thickness of the neoprene increases your ability to move while wearing a 2-piece spearfishing wetsuit with hood.
The new preformed cut featured on Explorer Sport guarantees comfort and an excellent fit for all divers wearing it. The elasticity of the suit makes it comfortable and easy to put on, and the compressive strength of the neoprene provides you a neutral buoyancy experience throughout the dive.
Its reinforced knee pads offer added strength to a high use area and extra padding for times in which you’ll need to kneel.
The key features of the Explorer 30 freediving wetsuit men's pants are:

• Its pre-shaped cut ensures comfort and excellent fit
• Elasticity, comfort, resistance to compression and ease of donning
• Non-slip chest padding and "shock-absorbing" neoprene interior

Complete your freediving suit with the Explorer Sport 30 men's pants (product code 422313 )


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