Cyrano 1.1

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The Cyrano 1.1 speargun is easy to load, light and smooth when firing, with an 11mm internal barrel offset upward for better line of sight.

Product Information


The Cyrano 1.1 spearfishing speargun is hydrodynamic and lightweight . The inner barrel is 11mm offset upwards for a better line of sight. The trigger and line release are made of stainless steel and guarantee better fluidity during the shot. The muzzle is one-piece and is light, with reduced ogive.
The main features of the Cyrano 1.1 speargun are:

• 40 mm barrel
• Lighter one-piece muzzle with reduced nose cone
• 11 mm internal barrel is offset upwards for better line of sight
• Stainless steel trigger and line release, better fluidity when firing
• Evo piston: higher firing speed, ease of loading, better lubrication oversized air passages in the inner barrel
• Ergonomic handle with "blue cyrano" grip
• 7 mm threaded shaft on shotguns size 42, 55 and 70 7 mm with single flap on shotguns sizes 90, 100, 110 and 120
• Carrying bag included


Interne Barrel:
11 mm
Type Pijl:
Aansluiting Piston:
1,5 mm
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  1. 11mm Internal Barrel
    11mm Internal Barrel

    11mm Internal BarrelEen binnen diameter van 11mm voor gemakkelijker laden en een hogere snelheid met gebruik van een 7mm pijl.

  2. Internal Barrel Off-Axis
    Internal Barrel Off-Axis

    Internal Barrel Off-AxisVerbeterd het richten van het geweer voor het schieten.

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