Freedivers Mohamed Dhunaim

Mohamed Dhunaim Irshad

  • NATIONALITY: Maldives
  • BORN: 1983-08-28


Mohamed Dhunaim Irshad 'Valho' is the Maldives leading freediver.

In 2016 he certified over a 100 SSI freedivers of all levels.

Before dedicating his time fully to freediving, he was also a scuba instructor on a Maldivian liveaboard for 7 years.

Valho has a deep love for his home, the Maldives, and its ocean. Originally from the southern part of the Maldives, he now relentlessly travels around all the 21 atolls of the Republic. His goal is to train and and educate the local community, especially the younger generations, providing them with the chance of a career and the possibility of sustaining their family through freediving.

"I want to connect the people of the Maldives with the ocean again" is one phrase you will often hear from Valho - he is not only a freediving champion, but a true role model!