Marc Stickler


Marc Stickler is a marine and wildlife biologist based in Salzburg, Austria, where he and his family reside.

His research focus was on lemon sharks in the Bahamas when he started with underwater photography. Mountain Gorillas in Uganda were his next topic of scientific research. Having lived in the Okavango Delta for one year while conducting his thesis on the social behaviour of Chacma Baboons, Marc has become a true expert on the environment in Botswana. A passion for photography, using it to evoke empathy and to lead change, was born.

He is a Mares Ambassador, Leica Ambassador, and is among the 50 'Changemakers' selected by the United Nations for their climate change agenda.

Similar to the idea that 'a picture says more than a thousand words', his 8 years of photography experience do not even come close to describing the incredible work that Marc has conducted in this short period of time. Photographing for top global companies, aerial photography, luxury lodges, hotels and private island photography in the Seychelles cover only a short spectrum of what Marc has to offer.

Marc has also become established as one of the worlds leading wildlife and underwater photographer's, also gaining credibility as a keynote speaker. His diversity in photography is unmatched.

Marc’s vision goes far beyond photography, his mission is to utilise his camera as a tool for conservation while being able to express the Earth's most astonishing places above and below the water. "What you love you will protect“, conservation and sustainability are key components in his work. Marc creates environmental awareness through writing blogs, hosting exhibitions, showing presence in magazines and providing his images to a broad audience. His aim is to evoke empathy and lead change.

He is actively involved in school-building projects in Africa, supporting Mummy’s Angels, a children's hospital and an orphanage with his images as part of a calendar sale, bringing a hands-on mentality to his work.

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