Sirius Bungee Mount

Product No: 414817


Upgrade your dive gear with the Mares Sirius Bungee Mount. Easily attach using the clip mechanism and adjust the bungee length for a tailored fit. Comfortable and efficient, this accessory, including a bungee strap, ensures a hassle-free and versatile dive experience. Dive confidently with Mares' Sirius Bungee Mount.

Product Information


Optimize your dive experience with the Sirius Bungee Mount from Mares. Effortlessly attach it to your Sirius dive computer using the same clip mechanism as the Sirius straps, ensuring secure placement. The adjustable length of the bungee accommodates various suit types, providing a tailored fit for every diver. Easy to don and comfortable to wear. The inclusion of a bungee strap adds an extra layer of convenience, making it a must-have accessory for streamlined and comfortable dives. Dive confidently with the Mares Sirius Bungee Mount, where ease of use meets versatility in underwater gear.

- Can be easily attached using the same clip mechanism as the Sirius straps
- Length of the bungee can be quickly adjusted to fit any type of suit
- Bungee mount is easy to put on and comfortable to wear
- Includes a bungee strap