Nateeva Jr-Schnorchelflossen

Product No: 410514


The Nateeva Jr snorkeling fins are perfect for snorkelling adventures on holiday. The foot pocket is ultra-soft and the fin is light and responsive. Equipped with an innovative strap adjustment system without buckles. This system allows the fins to fit sizes 30 to 34.

Product Information


The Nateeva Jr snorkelling fins have an open foot pocket. Their design is innovative and the foot pocket is soft and comfortable. Adjusting the fin strap is easy and intuitive. The fin blade is light and responsive. The blade and foot pocket are equipped with a practical connection system which allows the fins to clip together, facilitating transport.

The main features that make this snorkeling fin comfortable are:

• Buckle-free strap adjustment
• Ultra-comfortable foot pocket
• Blade attachment system for easy transportation





  • Mask, Snorkel and Fins User's Manual
    Instructions for the use, care and maintenance of Mares' masks, snorkels and fins.
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