Todi The Ultimate Diving Experience


TODI is the first indoor snorkeling and diving center in Europe where visitors can enjoy the underwater world under optimal and safe conditions surrounded by more than 2,200 colorful tropical freshwater fish and lifelike decorative elements like a trees, stone baskets for the smaller fish, reefs, a cave, a canyon, a mine tunnel, a piece of Atlantis, a cottage and 3 car wrecks. All this in a gigantic diving pool which is 10 meters deep and 36 meters in diameter, with more than 6.2 million liters of water and a temperature of 23°.

It is situated on the site of an old coal mine in Beringen, in a renovated building were they used to clean the water to wash the coal.

The complete site is also full of other activities, so you can  easily spend the whole day here with family and friends; there's something for everyone!