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Shark Academy


Shark Academy Corp is a pioneer in the world of Shark Conservation and Education.

In Polinesia in 1983, its founder Riccardo Sturla Avogadri started studying sharks, and a big project was established to explore the potential for shark diving.

Following the results of this work, the Shark Academy Corp has developed many shark-related projects. These projects seek to have a long-term positive impact on the preservation of sharks, which provide the framework for all species.

The ultimate goal of shark education is to help people to not be afraid of sharks and to dive together with them. To do this, we provide different kinds of shark education and shark diving.

We have opened a big shark museum with 25,000 shark-related items, and with 60 live sharks from 27 different species. We have called it the SHARK WORLD MUSEUM AND AQUARIUM.

Recent results from different shark dives around the world have given us the chance to discover new shark movements, habitats, behaviors, and the amazing secret life of a shark.

Many things still need to be discovered with marine life, and sharks are the main goal. We have built two underwater scuba simulators in order to practice shark diving technique and normal scuba diving procedure.

The DSD (Discover Scuba Diving) program helps non divers to try the diving experience and became fans of marine life. We also help students with college and university grants.

Since 1983 we have been using only MARES scuba equipment. which is why we have had 0% incidents or accidents during the last 35 years, with more than 10,000 dives and more than 5,000 divers diving with sharks.

For more information and special shark training or shark expeditions around the world with us, please write to !