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Morgan Bourc'his


Morgan Bourc’his is a French professional athlete, his specialty is Constant Weight No Fins (CNF).

He discovered snorkeling, scuba diving and spearfishing during his childhood with his parents in the Mediterranean Sea and in the south of France. Aside from this, he has always swum a lot and practiced other sports.

In 1999, during his studies in Poitiers, he started freediving.

He moved to Marseille in 2005 to practice freediving in open water and test some concepts he learnt about physiology and freediving.

In 2005, he joined the French National Team for the first time to participate in the 1st World Individual Championships in its history. He is still a member of the French National Team and has participated in 11 World Championships. He has made it to the podium 3 times with the National Team and became World Champion in Sharm-el-Sheikh, Egypt, in 2008.

As a former breaststroke swimmer, he has improved his skills and performance in Constant Weight No Fins (CNF) a lot.

Morgan holds 9 National Records, 2 European Records and became World Champion in CNF in Kalamata, Greece, in 2013! He is now the 3rd deepest athlete in CNF with -90M done in 2015 in Cyprus! Constant Weight No Fin is probably the most demanding and pure discipline in freediving, simply because descent/ascent is done only by the freediver himself without any assistance, cable, fins…

Morgan is now a professional freediver, he teaches his passion for the sea and freediving in France and overseas and has started a crossover to become an SSI Instructor Trainer which should be completed by October 2017 !


– Vertical Blue - Long Island, Bahamas. He finished 3rd with a National Record in Free Immersion (FIM) with -104m 2015

– World Championship in Limassol, Cyprus. National Record in CNF with -90M 2013

– World Champion in CNF with -87m in Kalamata, Greece. 4th in CWT with -105m. National Record in pre-competition in CNF with -89m. 2012

– Vice Team World Champion in Nice, France. Vertical Blue in Bahamas, he finished 2nd in CNF + 2 National Records and 2 European Records. For the 1st time, he reached -100m in CWT. 2011

– National Record in DNF with 175m. 3rd in CNF with -80m during the World Championship in Kalamata, Greece. 2008

– Team World Champion in Sharm-el-Sheikh , Egypt. 2007

– 1st participation to the World Championship in Sharm-el-Sheikh, Egypt. 1st National Record in CNF with -55m in Marseille.

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