Freedivers Amber Bourke

Amber Bourke

  • NATIONALITY: Australia
  • BORN: 1989-02-03


Amber Bourke represented Australia as a synchronised swimmer at the 2007 FINA World Championships but retired from the sport after missing out on a spot on the 2008 Olympic team.

In 2011 she discovered the sport of Freediving and found a new way to pursue her love of being in the water and her ability to hold her breath. Despite beginning the sport with no intentions of ever competing, one year later she set 2 new Australian records in the pool disciplines of Dynamic (DYN) with 181m and Dynamic No Fins (DNF) with 155m.

In 2013 she competed at her first Freediving World Championships where she very briefly held a world record and placed 3rd in DNF with 164m.

She is currently a 6 time national record holder and the current Australian depth champion.

In 2016 Amber won the Australian depth championships in Bali, Indonesia by diving 58m CNF, 67m FIM and 60m CWT with bi fins.

In 2017 she will be competing at the Freediving World Championships to be held in Roatan, Honduras.

Despite being a keen competitive freediver, her favourite aspect of the sport is being able to interact with the marine environment.

Amber enjoys employing her freediving skills and her synchronised swimming background to collaborate on underwater photography projects. She has been photographed diving with whales in Tonga by Jorgen Rasmussen and with sharks in Fiji as part of the Shark Shepard series by Benjamin Von Wong.