Discover our ambassadors of the month: Franco Banfi & Sabrina Belloni

Franco Banfi is a self-taught, highly demanding professional photographer specialized in underwater wildlife and the environment, with a strong passion for technology and accuracy, elegance and complexity; other than quality food and wine.

Sabrina Belloni is a multi-tasker with a Master’s degree in Economics and Tourism Management. An underwater model, passionate travel organizer and tour leader, writer and storyteller with a passion for science and sustainable conservation projects, sophistication and sensibility; other than for preparing fresh food and elaborate dishes, and for strong, flavorful Italian espresso.

Franco is a talented pro-photographer who captures and sells stunning images to illustrate reportages, books, calendars, events, exhibitions, etc.

Sabrina is a freelance journalist passionate about science and workable solutions.

Together we create captivating stories to be published in magazines, mostly in Europe and the US.

Right at this moment, Franco is going for a long CCR dive in the murky, cold Lugano Lake, trying to take pictures of freshwater fish courting before they will make nests and lay eggs.

      Sabrina is preparing her Mares equipment for a long dynamic apnea training session at the local Olympic-size swimming pool.

They have several favorite dive destinations. Some of them are stunning, like Papua New Guinea, Mexico, Dominica, Antarctica and Brazil. In some other places, Franco and Sabrina, have the priceless privilege of diving with no set schedule, like in the small islets in Italy, Croatia and the Azores.

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Damir is the founder of the environmental project „Think Green“, currently one of the projects dedicated to preserving the sea. All the waste they collect from the sea in collaboration with their partners is also retrieved, transported, separated, and recycled.

In the last two years alone, they have removed 51 tons of waste from the underwater environment in the Adriatic Sea. This project, along with their educational efforts for children without adequate parental care, earned them the Pride of Croatia („PONOS HRVATSKE“) award last year.

Underwater Photo Marathon

The Underwater Photo Marathon was initiated in 2013, featuring both an online underwater photography competition where people from all over the world submit their photographs online and one of the largest LIVE competitions with up to 100 participants from across Europe. The live competition has been hosted on the island of Rab in the city of Rab for the last four years.

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