The Training Buoy


The focus that Mares dedicates to the safety of freedivers is evident by our on-going and continuous development of new technical products dedicated to professional and recreational athletes alike. Innovations of the latest range include two new accessories designed specifically for vertical freediving in various specialties. The Training Buoy can be used for dives from the shore and from a boat as the perfect floating support, especially during training and classes. It allows multiple freedivers to prepare at the same time before the dive. Four lateral handles can be used by multiple athletes (during training sessions for example). Any useful items (mask, water bottle etc.) can be hooked to external rings or placed within a dedicated space inside the buoy, accessible through two zippers. To increase visibility as much as possible, it is available in bright red with a white stripe on the top side. Included is a highly visible flag that can be optionally deployed with the easy to attach new connector mount. The training buoy has dual layer construction. The exterior is comprised of a sturdy Cordura lining for durability, combined with an inner bladder fitted with an overpressure/relief valve and an inflation valve. On the bottom side of the buoy is a reinforced area with a stainless steel ring to attach a descent line, as well as various water drainage points. The Training Buoy is a product specifically for freediving, considering even the smallest of details. We have turned what was once a simple “accessory” into a crucial tool for diving safely. The new Mares freediving Lanyards also help improve the level of safety during freedives. Currently lanyards are mandatory in competition but are still considered an "accessory" for courses. However in the future, lanyards are certain to become a crucial component for practicing vertical freediving. They correct vertical position (remaining the same distance from the cable during descent and ascent) and offer a safety function (to keep the student connected to the main line at all times throughout the lesson/dive). Mares offers freedivers two different lanyard models, each suited for different specialties of vertical freediving. Both models consist of a Cordura and neoprene bracelet with a Velcro closure, and safety release making them extremely comfortable yet easy to open. The first model features a 100cm steel cable coated with a yellow plastic material. It is fastened at both ends to the bracelet and to a carabiner by two sturdy swivel joints. This prevents any twisting during the descent and ascent, ensuring greater safety. The second lanyard uses an additional quick-release carabiner connected to a ring on the bracelet so that it can be easily be freed, while also allowing it to be used at other times, such as during dives while using the underwater breaststroke technique. These are technical accessories suitable for professionals but also for people who freedive occasionally, and important accessories that let divers safely enjoy their enormous passion for freediving. Discover more about the Training Buoy here and the new Lanyards here.