Exceptional results in Underwater Target Shooting

Exceptional results in Underwater Target Shooting for the athletes of the Mares Pure Instinct Team on Sunday the 26th November, when the first national selections for the 2018 competition season were held in Brescia.

In a hard-fought competition, against numerous competitors from every region in Italy, Stefano Oggioni won in the Precision Shooting specialty at a distance of 4m, also winning the title of Regional Champion for Lombardy with his Viper Pro 110.

Also on the podium was Roberto Singia who took victory with speed and precision in the Biathlon, also becoming Regional Champion for Lombardy, with his Cyrano Evo HF 110 and Razor Pro fins.

The competition confirmed, as always, the versatility, precision and trustworthiness of Mares equipment, with consistently impressive results.

Singia and Oggioni, with teammate Tino De Luca, also took victory in the team relay. With a brilliant score they took the new Italian 4m record, 310 points ahead of the last winners. In this discipline, speed of execution and continuous, repeated shooting precision is fundamental. The total score is made up of a mix between points made from hitting the targets and the seconds it takes to carry out the exercises whilst freediving.

The Mares Team athletes used the Viper Pro, Horizon wetsuits and Razor Pro fins.

Congratulations to the team on yet more great results!