The Italian Underwater Target Shooting Championships 2016

On the 28th and 29th May 2016 the Italian Underwater Target Shooting Championships took place in Livorno, leading to national titles.  

 <br />The Mares Team was present with athletes Roberto Singia and Stefano Oggioni fresh from a very satisfying season.  

 <br />Our athletes took part in 4 specialties- 3 individual (Target Shooting, Biathlon, Superbiathlon) and a team challenge (Team Relay).  

 <br />7th place was awarded to Stefano in the first category’s difficult Underwater Target Shooting specialty, finishing not far from the podium. Roberto, protagonist in the second category with a great 2nd place, just missed out on an overall victory.  

 <br />The Team Relay was the second discipline, and our 2 athletes worked together with their companion Tino De Luca, facing the challenge as favorites given their recent Italian record. They did not disappoint expectations and the athletes won the gold by a large margin, almost reaching the Italian record. 

 <br />No wins in the Superbiathlon for our champions who saved their strength for the hardest challenge, the Biathlon. Both Stefano and Roberto took first place during the trials and were among the best 15 athletes seeking the podium, a passport to the national team.  

 <br />The formula was simple: a first round to establish the 5 best athletes then a final between this last group in order to name the new Italian champion.  

 <br />A great 4th place was earned by Roberto Singia who went straight to the final, and 11th place was awarded to Stefano Oggioni who, despite a great time, lacked precision in the shooting.  

 <br />In the compelling final, Roberto completed his challenge a few seconds after some competitors, but made no shooting errors, allowing him to take top place on the podium! This was a triumph for the Mares athlete who took two important titles, bringing him to a total of 12, the highest at a national level. It was also a stepping stone to the national team who will take part in the European Championships in Lignano Sabbiadoro, November 2016.