Ronan Talarmain

  • BORN: 1970-09-22


Ronan Talarmain was born on the 22nd September 1970 in Brest, France, and now lives in north Finistère, a small fishing port (Lanildut, Port Goemonier) in front of Ouessant and the Molène archipelago. The strong maritime culture of this region naturally pushed him towards the sea, discovering the coast and its rich heritage with his grandfather.

He was 8 years old when he discovered how attached the area really was to the riches of the sea, and clearly remembers the tears shed for the tragic sinking of the Amoco Cadiz. This tragedy reminds us daily that the sea must be protected and respected, and that we are lucky to have the chance to live in a wild environment where pleasure boaters rub shoulders with professionals.

An outdoor sportsman, it is impossible for Ronan to spend a week without sea air, be it running, cycling or watersports, and that’s how he naturally fell in to spearfishing, to discover what was hidden beneath the surface.

In Finistère, species are varied, ranging from the famous pollock (reaching up to 10kg in Ouessant) to sea bass and sea bream. For several years now, we have also come across more exotic fish such as tuna and meagre in Brest. A shared passion, friendships, wonder and good food are all based around catches.

A member of Agachon Tranquille, Ronan started competing in 2013 with his friend Pascal who challenged Ronan to get in to competitions following a car accident. Following this, he became part of the Mares team in 2016.

Equipment used:

M3RGE wetsuit - Razor Carbon fins - Flex Gold gloves - Flex socks - Viper Pro spear gun - Argo Titanium knife - Viper mask - Dual Basic snorkel - Smart Apnea watch