Francesco Arrigo 2

Francesco Arrigo

  • BORN: 1972-03-22


Francesco Arrigo (also known as ‘Franz’) was born in Genoa on the 22nd of March, 1972.

His love for the sea took off at 22 years old, when he first accompanied his friend spearfishing.

From the initial preparation stages he was hooked, and once he went underwater his love for the sport began.

He completed a Freediving course and joined the Sub-Bogliasco group, taking part in competitions.

In 2003, Silvano Agostini asked Francesco to join him around Italy as part of a spearfishing team.

From that point on he has participated in 4 Italian championships and 6 second category competitions as well as numerous other tournaments with much success and good results.

His dream of becoming part of the Mares Team became a reality in 2012.

Equipment used:

Viper mask
Dual snorkel
Razor Carbon fins
Squadra Tec wetsuit
Viper Pro 100-90-75, Cyrano Evo HF 110 and Cyrano Evo 55-42 spearguns