Smart Air

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The Smart Air scuba dive computer enables you to handle multi-blend dives and features hoseless tank data integration for up to three transmitters. It is compatible with various modes, catering to different diving needs. Whether you're engaged in Scuba diving, Gauge diving, Apnea diving, or simply require a reliable Clock mode, this device has got you covered

Product Information


The Smart Air scuba dive computer is a comprehensive and innovative device that caters to the needs of all types of divers, whether recreational, technical or free divers. It can accommodate up to three multi-gas dive transmitters, the transmitters use radiofrequency and feature a color-coded LED that changes from green (above 180 bar) to yellow (100 bar) to red (50 bar) to indicate the tank pressure level.

The display is divided into three lines that show important data such as Deco/No Deco, depth, and pressure with larger digits for easy reading. Additionally, the user can select the information displayed in the upper and lower areas.

The Smart Air Logbook has ample storage capacity and can hold information for up to 95 hours of diving. It also has a “dive planner” function that allows divers to plan dives with or without decompression and set surface intervals for repetitive dives. It includes a “Bottom Time” function that displays time and depth and a resettable average depth and stopwatch.

For free diving enthusiasts, the Smart Air scuba dive computer has a “Diving” function that displays all the necessary information with visual and audible alarms. It uses a long-lasting, easily replaceable, and affordable lithium battery (for battery replacement, please contact your local Mares dealer. Refer to the Mares Locator).

The main features of the Smart Air scuba dive computer are:

Hoseless tank data integration for up to three transmitters
• Multi-gas capable
• Decompression dive planner with additional surface interval function
• Graphic and numeric display
• Complete watch functions
• Freediving mode with dedicated alarms
• Bottom timer mode with resettable average depth and stopwatch
• Battery: CR2450

Technical Specifications of the Smart Air Computer:

• Software: RGBM Mares- Wienke 10 fabrics
• Number of selectable gases: 3
• Pressure probe: yes, up to 3 optional
• Nitrox: yes, 21-99% O2
• Modes: Scuba, Gauge, Apnea, Clock
• Maximum Operating Depth: 150m
• Altitude compensation: manual
• Alarms: Audio/Video selectable
• Interface: optional
• Memory: 95 hours with sampling every 5"
• Display: Backlit segment LCD

The Smart Air is capable of downloading logbook data. Through the use of the Mares Dive Organizer Program (PC) and in conjunction with the Dive Link 2 USB interface clip and cable, data can be transferred between the Smart Air and the Dive Organizer Program.

Alternatively, the Mares Bluelink Pro uses low energy Bluetooth technology to communicate directly with the Mares App, or the MySSI App to download logbook data and firmware updates on your smart devices (Bluelink Pro cannot be used with PC/MAC to transfer data).

*Dive Link 2 and Bluelink Pro accessories sold separately.


Battery duration:
200-300 dives over a three year time span
Nitrox use:
EAN from 21% to 99%
Max Displayed Depth:
Ascent Rate Indicator (m/min - ft/min):
Memory capacity:
95 hr
Profile Sampling Rates:
5 s
Segment Display
Gas switching:
Dual Time:
Daily Alarm:
Plan Mode:
Fresh and Seawater Settings:
Option To Exclude Audible Alarms:
Exclusion of "Uncontrolled Ascent":
Altitude Adjustment:
Measurement range: -10°C to +50°C / 14°F to 122°F
Logbook Memory:
95 hours of dive profile at 5-second sampling rate
Display material:
Mineral glass
Quartz clock, time, date, dive time display up to 999 minutes
Upgradeable software:
Air Integrated:
Graphic and Numeric
Tank Pressure:
USB Charger:


  1. Mineral Glass Display
    Mineral Glass Display

    Mineral Glass DisplayMineral Glass Display.
    Tempered glass with superior scratch resistance and improved readability in all diving conditions and viewing angles.

  2. Gas Switching
    Gas Switching

    Gas SwitchingSetting the computer to include one or more oxygen enriched - gases (up to 99%) in addition to your main gas; allow you to benefit from shorter decompression times by switching gases during the dive.

  3. Software Upgradeability
    Software Upgradeability

    Software UpgradeabilitySoftware Upgradeability.
    Keep your dive computer up-to-date with the latest Mares developments.

  4. Segment Display
    Segment Display

    Segment DisplayNeedle-sharp information combined with intelligent placement of information for easiest readability.



  • Dive Organizer (PC) Web Installer Release 2.29 (Pre
    This is an updated version of Dive Organizer.

    • Supports the SCR Horizon computer with V0.3 firmware
    • More control regarding database update procedure
    • Increased firmware stability
    • Resolved dive time errors which were experienced with some computer models
    • Resolved asynchronous operations issues
    • Minor improvements

    The Web Installer is the suggested method for installing Dive Organizer. If the target computer is not connected to the internet, please consider downloading the Full Setup program, found here.
    Languages: EN


Please follow the instructions contained in the manual. You must read and understand all warnings and instructions in their entirety before using our products. Scuba diving is a hazardous activity, which involves a risk of injury to any and all parts of the body. As with all scuba diving equipment, our products are designed to be used by trained, certified divers only.

Special Disclaimer
A dive computer is an electronic instrument and as such it is not immune to failure. To protect yourself against the unlikely event of a failure, in addition to the dive computer, also use a depth gauge, a submersible pressure gauge, a timer or watch, and dive tables.

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