No statement better connects what motivated Ludovico Mares 75 years ago to found Mares, and what the brand still stands for today.
Since it was introduced for the first time, this phrase has turned into a key element of our company culture.
Stefan Michl, Mares Vice President who has been with Mares for 30 years, will explain what it means to him:

As the Vice President of Mares, the slogan ‘Just Add Water’ holds profound significance for me and all my esteemed colleagues, whom I would like to thank at this point.

The Mares brand is characterised by the valuable work of each individual and an outstanding team effort! Thank you to everyone who makes this success story possible through their daily commitment and passion!
‘Just Add Water’ represents the transformative power of diving and our commitment to providing divers with exceptional equipment. It symbolizes our dedication to innovation and craftsmanship, ensuring that when divers trust our gear, they can simply add water and embark on their adventures with confidence.

‘Just Add Water’ also embodies the simplicity and joy of diving, offering an escape from the complexities of the world above. It serves as a reminder of our responsibility to protect the oceans and promote sustainability. The slogan represents our unwavering commitment to the diving community, enabling divers to explore, discover, and connect with the underwater world. I am proud to champion this slogan, inspiring us to push boundaries and to continue our quest to provide divers with the tools they need to experience the magic that unfolds when they simply add water, like I
do myself whenever and wherever I can.”