Opinion Leader

Vincenzo De Giorgi

Nationality: Italy

Opinion Leader

Vincenzo De Giorgi

Nationality: Italy



Vincenzo was born and raised near Salento, Italy, in a small town a few kilometres from the sea. Already from an early age he discovered a love for the sea and spearfishing, a passion passed down to him by his father. Every time his father went spearfishing, Vincenzo remained at the water’s edge, playing with a mask and fins where he enjoyed exploring the seabed and collecting shells, impatiently waiting to see what had been caught.


Over the years, his passion continued to grow until he got his first handspear, followed by his first speargun, a 50cm model. As his passion grew, he moved on to buying his own speargun, a 90cm model.


After his initial spearfishing experiences, he took part in a competitive spearfishing course while also joining the group “I Corsari” from Martignano, Italy, which helped him discover the world of competitions. He started following them and participating in team competitions in Puglia, developing a passion. Due to work commitments, he unfortunately could not always participate consistently.


In September 2013, he moved to Genoa and started participating in Ligurian competitions, obtaining good results.


In 2017, he reached the qualifiers for the national team in Trapani.


In 2019, he moved again, this time to Cagliari in magical Sardinia. In the same year, he participated in the qualifiers in Casalabate where he came second in a competition that took place in difficult conditions. This great result gained him a place in the championships the following year, but unfortunately it was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


In 2020, he fulfilled his dream of becoming part of the Mares team!  


In 2021, he returned to competitions, first the Sardinian team competition where he came 7th, followed by a competition in Torre San Giovanni where unfortunately he was relegated.


In the 2022 Italian qualifying championships in Mola di Bari, he managed to take first place in the Italian qualifiers, once again competing in difficult conditions.


Equipment used:


Polygon wetsuit

X-Tream mask

Dual Camo snorkel

Smart Apnea computer 

X-Wing Carbon fins

Strike and Viper spearguns