25XR - DR Full Tek Set

Product No: 416402


The Mares 25XR-DR regulator has the ideal features for mounting it on a double tank. Compact and sturdy, and with outlets on one side only, a unique positioning is defined. Ideal not only for double tank but also for extended range divers using a single tank. The second stage offers the mesh grid system for favoring both exit and entry of water.

Product Information


Mares has developed the 25XR-CR underwater regulator to mainly meet the needs of divers using the twin tank. Its compact size makes it usable also by extended range divers for assembling it on the single tank. The first stage immediately strikes any technical diver's eye, due to the presence of Lp and HP outputs positioned on one side only. Indeed, this model was created to have an assigned position; inside the kit, a first stage will be positioned on the right and the other on the left. The hose exits are positioned so that they fall behind the diver during assembly. This feature makes it ideal for cave diving or in environments with limited passages. The second stage in polymer offers a very large and easy flush button, making it very easy to use.

This set includes:
• 2 DR second stages
• 2 25XR first stages
• 2 hoses (60 cm - 210 cm)
• 1 elastic collar
• 1 carabiner

The key featrures of the complete 25XR-DR Technical Set are:

• High performance second stage
• Very stable improved flow without excessive positive breathing pressure (VAD - Vortex Assisted Design)
• Compact and robust - the all metal body is made of chromed and nickel plated brass
• Slightly negative buoyancy
• Sturdy and durable, ideal for scooter, deep, cold water and wreck diving
• The new mesh grid design disperses the water flow on the membrane
• Easy to purge
• Innovative Miflex hose in carbon/titanium coated with polyurethane:
• High resistance to cuts, abrasions, explosions and UV rays - less buoyancy
• Watertight
• Flexible and comfortable


All Metal Technology
First stage:
Balanced Diaphragm
First stage weight DIN:
758g / 27oz
Second stage weight:
269g / 9.6oz
High pressure ports:
1 [7/16" UNF]
Low pressure ports:
2 [3/8" UNF]
Second Stage 1:
All-metal (nickel and chrome plated brass) second stage
Second Stage 2:
Standard downstream valve
Flow Rate (STP):
620l/m - 22ft³/min
Weight (without hose):
269g / 9.6oz
Hose length:
60cm / 24in - 210cm / 7ft


  1. ACT Valve - Advanced Coating Technology
    ACT Valve - Advanced Coating Technology

    ACT Valve - Advanced Coating TechnologyAdvanced Coating Technology
    The new valve in the “X” systems increases durability by an astounding 600%, even under the most extreme conditions.

  2. All Metal Technology
    All Metal Technology

    All Metal TechnologyOutstanding mechanical reliability and high thermal conductivity make our metal 2nd stages extremely long lasting and ideal for cold water dives. The high thermal conductivity of metal reduces also the dry mouth feeling during the dive.

  3. VAD - Vortex Assisted Design
    VAD - Vortex Assisted Design

    VAD - Vortex Assisted DesignThe air bypass tube delivers air to the mouthpiece creating a swirling vortex with a low pressure area in the center that keeps the diaphragm down during inhalation, for very sensitive and easy breathing at all depths.

  4. DFC - Dynamic Flow Control
    DFC - Dynamic Flow Control

    DFC - Dynamic Flow ControlMinimizes intermediate pressure drop during inhalation thus maximizing gas delivery, especially under extreme conditions.



Please follow the instructions contained in the manual. You must read and understand all warnings and instructions in their entirety before using our products. Scuba diving is a hazardous activity, which involves a risk of injury to any and all parts of the body. As with all scuba diving equipment, our products are designed to be used by trained, certified divers only.

Regulator Special Disclaimer
Equipment complying with EN 250 is not intended for breathing by more than one user at the same time.

If SCUBA equipment is configured and used by more than one diver at the same time, the cold water and breathing performance may not fulfill the requirements of EN 250. Therefore, the octopus should not be used during dives in cold water. Use of the dual regulator is recommended for cold water diving.

For safety reasons, it is not advisable to use an Octopus second stage that is not a certified Mares Octopus.

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