Atlas ADJ 62X TBP

All metal technology to meet every diver's needs.

Regulator Atlas 62X ADJRegulator Atlas 62X ADJ

The second stage features the VAD (Vortex Assisted Design)Technology that allows for the feel of natural breathing and also reduces the possibility of freezing the second stage mechanical parts when diving in cold water.

The PAD (pneumatically Assisted Design) is another feature of the new Atlas second stage. With this technology the second stage valve is designed and manufactured for pneumatic operation, minimising the spring load and, consequently, inhalation effort.

Regulator Atlas 62X ADJRegulator Atlas 62X ADJ

Regulator Atlas 62X ADJRegulator Atlas 62X ADJ

The 62X first stage also features the most recent technology. It features TBP (Twin balanced Piston) technology as well as AST (Auto sealing technology).

TBP: The ultimate solution for extremely cold water. The first stage is completely isolated, guaranteeing the greatest reliability at extreme depths.

AST: is a dynamic technology that provides protection against water entry to the first stage, without affecting the performance of the regulator during use.

This pneumatic solution ensures reliability without compromise.

AST is an internal component that is automatically activated by air pressure, thus requiring no
action from the diver. lt simply opens when the first stage is pressurized and closes when it is depressurized.