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The Mares Genius scuba dive computer is ideal for technical divers who use Trimix and Nitrox mixtures with multiple changes and who may wish to optimise decompression and bottom times depending on the gas supply. The ability to vary decompression according to the gases actually used is a great safety advantage. The colour display is clearly visible in all conditions and the interface menu is intuitive and easy to use thanks to the large buttons.

Product Information


The Genius Scuba Dive Computer allows you to manage Trimix as well as Nitrox dives with gas changes. Thanks to the possibility of receiving data from 5 high-pressure probes, it allows integrated management of the gas supply, optimising both the bottom and decompression times according to the remaining gas. The Genius computer uses the new Decompression Algorithm is ZH-L16C with 16 fabrics with the ascent speed differentiated according to altitude and the possibility to modify the Gradient Factor to manage the shape of the decompression curve to your liking. Among the various parameters that can be modified is the possibility of selecting or omitting deep stops in order to limit the formation of micro bubbles. Among the various menus there is one with a bar graph, in which all the fabrics are represented in order of hemi-time, thus allowing an immediate awareness of the saturation level.
The colour display is made of scratch-resistant tempered mineral glass and the 4 buttons are easy to reach even with waterproof gloves. The 2.7-inch diagonal backlit display, which is protected by scratch-resistant mineral glass, it has three horizontal zones for displaying data, with a choice of two bands to show what is in the foreground. The resolution is QVGA 320 x 240 with 256000 colours and brightness 420 cd/m2.
There are 2 selectable modes: Diving and Gauge - Bottom Timer, making it ideal as a backup tool in all situations.
In Dive Mode, the Mares Genius supports Trimix and Nitrox diving, with oxygen between 6% and 99%, and shows all the data necessary for the dive such as the various depths (current, average and maximum), time in minutes and seconds, temperature and performs all the decompression calculations.
During the dive you can manage up to 5 different mixtures from the menu in order to optimise both decompression and bottom times.
The Genius computer is able to recalculate decompression times underwater in the event of problems with one or more tanks which mean that some are not used or that it is necessary to return to a gas already used.
The gas change mode is predictive, i.e., as the gas switch altitude approaches, the Mares Genius computer signals the possibility of a gas change. Using the optional high-pressure probes, once the volume of the individual cylinders has been entered, it is possible to monitor not only the bar but also the actual consumption in litres for an optimisation of the gas supply and therefore also the bottom and decompression times. Once the mixture you are breathing has been selected, the display shows both the partial pressure of O2 and the Maximum Operating Depth - MOD.
A compass function is also available, providing an indication of the magnetic North. If you need to dive at altitude, for altitudes up to 3700m, the Mares Genius dive computer allows you to set the altitude and automatically calculates decompression. For enhanced customization, there are audible and visual alarms that can be turned on or off as desired.
The Depth Meter - Bottom Timer Mode provides all the pressure data if you have probes connected and, in addition to the usual standard data, a compass, average depth and a stopwatch, both of which can be reset.
On the surface, the Planner Mode allows you to virtually simulate the decompression of a first dive and, once you have set a surface interval as well, a second one and so on, continuing to set the surface interval each time.
The Mares Genius has a Bluetooth connection for direct connection with your smartphone, alternatively, it can be interfaced to Android smartphones or iPhones via Bluelink Pro or via the optional Dive Link 2 USB interface to Macs and PCs.
The battery is rechargeable.

Technical Specifications Mares Genius Computer:
- Software: ZH-L16C 16 fabric with Gradient Factor
- Number of Selectable Gases: 5
- Pressure Probe: yes, up to 5 optional
- Trimix: yes
- Nitrox: yes, 21-99% O2
- Modes: Scuba, Gauge
- Maximum operating depth: 150m
- Altitude compensation: manual
- Alarms: Audio/Video selectable
- Interface: optional
- Memory: 1000 hours with sampling every 5".
- Display: 2.7 inch colour LCD
- Battery: Rechargeable


18650 Lithium Ion polymers
Battery duration:
40 hours dive time / 500 recharge cycles
Nitrox use:
EAN from 21% to 99%
Trimix use:
Hypoxic, Normoxic
Max Displayed Depth:
150m / 492ft
Ascent Rate Indicator (m/min - ft/min):
Memory capacity:
Profile Sampling Rates:
LCD Color Display
Gas switching:
Dual Time:
Daily Alarm:
Plan Mode:
Fresh and Seawater Settings:
Option To Exclude Audible Alarms:
Exclusion of "Uncontrolled Ascent":
Altitude Adjustment:
Upgradeable software:
Air Integrated:
Dive hours per charge:
Graphic and numeric
tank pressure:
USB Charger:



  • Dive Organizer (PC) Web Installer Release 2.28
    This version of Dive Organizer contains various improvements and corrections.
    Languages: EN
  • Dive Organizer (PC) Full Setup Release 2.28
    This version of Dive Organizer contains various improvements and corrections.
    Languages: EN


  • FW. Genius V1.02.00
    This update includes the following changes:

    ■ User-defined 'Time To Surface' mode
    ■ Alternate Gradient Factors
    ■ Automatic switch in case of deco violation
    ■ Ceiling-Controlled Decompression
    Languages: EN


Please follow the instructions contained in the manual. You must read and understand all warnings and instructions in their entirety before using our products. Scuba diving is a hazardous activity, which involves a risk of injury to any and all parts of the body. As with all scuba diving equipment, our products are designed to be used by trained, certified divers only.

Special Disclaimer
A dive computer is an electronic instrument and as such it is not immune to failure. To protect yourself against the unlikely event of a failure, in addition to the dive computer, also use a depth gauge, a submersible pressure gauge, a timer or watch, and dive tables.

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