Flexa Z-Therm

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The Z-Therm men's wetsuit is an innovative semi-drysuit with a diagonal zip and bellows waist system, designed to be put on and taken off with complete autonomy. G-lock diagonal front zip with internal flaps to increase thermal comfort and skin protection in the zip area. Trilastic concept for a better fit in the most critical areas (waist + neck/back + armpits).

Product Information


The Z-Therm men's wetsuit is an innovative diagonal zipped wetsuit with a bellows waist system. The brand new G-lock zip features an innovative design that starts behind the shoulder and tilts diagonally across the torso with a delicate curve. This zip orientation makes it quick and easy to put on without the need for additional assistance. Thanks to its flexibility and special shape, this design also offers a better fit. In addition, an inner flap protects the diver's skin by improving heat retention.

A better thermal protection is offered in the most critical areas. The flexible sections along the spine have increased neoprene thickness where it is most needed, resulting in better thermal protection. The neoprene thickness is also increased in the area where a ballast belt is worn for greater comfort.
A compact and flexible accessory pocket is integrated on the right thigh for easy access.
The main features of the Z-Therm semi-dry suit for men are:

- Dressing and undressing, including zip closure for complete autonomy
- Diagonal g-lock front zip with internal flaps to increase thermal comfort and skin protection in the zip area
- 100% ultra stretch with strategically placed panels and special cut
- Trilastic concept for a better fit in the most critical areas (waist + neck/back + armpits)
- Innovative telescopic system: customisation for larger sizes by adjusting the undercalf
- Improved thermal comfort in the most critical areas and increased comfort in the waist and lumbar area
- Compact elastic pocket integrated into the suit on the right thigh
- Improved seals on wrists and ankles reduce water entry".


Water temperature use:
Cold water
Ultrastretch Neoprene
Wrist Grip Areas:
Hood Clip:
Soft Edge:
Chest loading pad:



  • Wetsuit PPE Cat II User's Guide
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