Leonardo Mastrocristino

Leonardo Mastrocristino

  • BORN: 1984-09-13


Born in 1984, he first took to the waters with his father in Bari looking for molluscs and cephalopods.

At the age of 16, he met friend Diego D’Alessandro and his father Roberto and started experimenting with what spearfishing meant…first hunting mullets, then making rarer catches.

He is a spearfisherman who loves searching the grottos of Puglia, and for this reason his favourite speargun is ususally the Mares Viper Pro 55 which he alternates with the Viper Pro 110.

He learnt the ropes off the north coast of Bari, over a bed of white rock where sea breams hide in rocky crevices, inaccessible to even the smallest tubes.

The seabed is made up of sand and grottos. These grottos can surprise you, even at shallow depths: he fondly remembers catching a snapper at sunset with a rising northwest wind....7m deep, 1'30'' in apnea, 5.8kg of dentex brought home and cooked for the family.

The move towards competitions was the natural progression of his passion; firstly in order to get to know people with a wealth of experience, then little by little his competitive spirit grew, putting him in a position to give his best and obtain great sporting results.

Equipment Used:

Mainly the Mares Viper Pro 55 or Mares Viper Pro 110


2007 – Coppa Puglia – 1st
2012 – Campionato Italiano Ecologico – 1st
2012 – Campionato Italiano a Squadre – 1st
2012 – Trofeo del Salento – 1st 2012 – Coppa Puglia – 1st
2013 – Coppa Puglia – 4th
2014 – Campionato Italiano per Società – 3rd
2014 – Trofeo Necton – 1st
2015 – Campionato Italiano a Coppie – 4th