Werner Thiele

Werner Thiele


The self-taught underwater photographer and SSI Instructor Werner Thiele has won numerous prestigious international awards including the World Championship in Underwater Photography (category wide-angle with model) in 2005, before he became an esteemed guest juror.

His very first love was a Nikonos III with a 35mm lens – today he prefers his NIKON D4 and his SEACAM housing – a second to none combination when it comes to capturing the perfect moment.

His pictures are published in international dive & nature magazines on a regular basis and in the course of the years he has had his share of close to 40 front covers.

He has published 2 books and has enlightened children with his underwater pictures: Over 750 million stickers with his pictures have been used to educate children about marine life and how to protect it.

Werner never shies away from challenging motifs and prefers extraordinary and rare beauty in his photography. He has always been fond of wide-angle photography in particular and excels at depicting the wonders of underwater life in a human context.

Werner and his wife Iris have been working together underwater as a photographer-model team and above the surface as (photo) journalists for years. Both love the outstanding quality of their MARES gear and the ingenuity of the brand.