Sébastien Quesseveur

  • BORN: 1958-05-12


Sébastien Quesseveur was born on the 12th May 1958 in Brittany and made his spearfishing début at the age of 15 in the Channel.

Always with his feet in the sea, he joined the French Marines and has sailed and dived in many seas and oceans. He has been living in southern Brittany for the past 25 years, and continues to satisfy his passion for spearfishing in his free time and in competitions.

He lives facing the Atlantic which is rich in fish variety and gives him the opportunity to try many different fishing methods, with fish varieties such as Sparidae (sea bream), bass, pollock and coley.

He arrived relatively late to the world of competitions, and has received good results both regionally and nationally both by himself and as part of a team.

He has been happily using Mares gear for many years, enjoying the comfort of the Squadra Superflex 70 wetsuit, the precision of his Viper Pro DS speargun, the light Viper mask with its wide field of vision and the flexibility of his Razor Matrix fins, using weights to reach different depths and a buoy to mark a good area for fishing. Like all responsible sportsmen, he measures his dive time with his Smart computer.

The best part of this sport with Mares is sharing a hobby with others and having great support in competitions.