Pascal Guiriec

  • RESIDENCE: Guilers
  • BORN: 1965-02-15


Pascal was born the 15/02/1965 in Brest but now lives in Guilers, a compromise between his job and his passion. He also has a base in Le Conquet, at the point of Brittany, in front of the islands of Molène and Ouessant.

Pascal’s childhood home is situated around 100m from the sea, and he quickly fell in to the world of spearfishing! In great admiration for his father, a great sportsman who is equally passionate about spearfishing, he spent long hours waiting on the beach for him to return from his outings, had his first outings with him and then got his first speargun when he was of legal age, then his first fish followed…and he was caught by the bug!

He is a member of the Agachon Tranquille club started by the local figure François Talarmin. He takes part in underwater spearfishing competitions and, being generally sporty, also goes jogging and mountain biking.

For Pascal, free time is an opportunity to share knowledge and be with others, allowing for all generations to get together (and helping him to stay young!).

His favourite fish is pollock of which you can find some nice specimen in his area reaching 10kg, as well as all the other species it offers - sea bass, sea bream, gilthead bream…

It must be noted that many species are rare, and fishing patterns have been adapted as such.

Pascal joined the Mares team in 2016, recommended by the experienced Sébastien Quesseveur.

Equipment used:

Smart Apnea computerRazor Matrix finsViper Pro DS speargunExplorer Camo Black wetsuit