Mares Ambassadors

George Karbus


George is a wildlife, water and landscape photographer based on the west coast of Ireland. He focuses on wild marine mammals, big waves, surf photography and beautifully lit coastal scenery.

George has been in the professional world of photography for 14 years and worked on many commercial projects for companies such as RedBull, BBC, Failte Ireland and many others. He is an ambassador for Nikon, SanDisk and Subal; some of the biggest brands in the photography industry.

His work has become recognized around the world after winning many prestigious and world-famous photography accolades:

• Wildlife Photographer of the Year
• British Wildlife Photography Awards
• Outdoor Photographer of the Year
• RedBull Illume
• Nature’s Best Photography

Some of George’s work has been exhibited in the USA, Hong Kong, the UK and Japan.

His photography has appeared in the pages of Nature’s Best, BBC Wildlife magazine, BBC Focus, Nikon Pro, Outdoor Photography and many more.

“I try to capture the beauties of our fragile world and show everyone the real treasures of life. It may inspire people to live in harmony with nature.”

George uses: Explorer Camo Black 50 wetsuit, Razor Matrix carbon fins, X-Free mask, Dual Basic snorkel, Attack Long Fins bag