Acquario di Cattolica 3

Acquario di Cattolica


The Acquario di Cattolica is located in Cattolica, near Rimini, Italy, and covers 110,000m².

It boasts over 100 tanks and pools, and is located in a building constructed in the 1930’s. Its shape is reminiscent of navy ships, and it was originally built to house the children of Italian marines abroad. In 2000 it was restored and includes over 49,000m² of public park area, relax areas, a beach, restaurants, bars, shops, entertainment for children, shows, exhibits and cultural events.

Visitors are suggested various routes in order to explore the Aquarium. The blue route (Percorso Blu) takes visitors to discover the biological evolution of species which have survived millions of years, such as sharks, penguins, turtles and jellyfish, on a journey covering the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans, arriving at the wonderful coral reefs of the Red Sea. The yellow route (Percorso Giallo) presents visitors with caimans and otters in representatives of their natural habitats. The green route (Percorso Verde) is dedicated to exotic animals such as frogs, lizards, insects and snakes and the final route, the purple route (Percorso Viola), helps visitors to discover the intriguing world of sharks.

A visit to the Acquario di Cattolica is sure to offer an exciting day of discovery for the whole family!