Discover our snorkelling equipment

Discover the perfect snorkelling equipment: specific products to admire the sea and acquatic life in all its facets
Practicing snorkelling means swimming on the surface of the water, discovering the sea’s beauties with a mask, snorkel and fins. Whether you are a pro or simply having fun on holiday, snorkelling requires equipment that will allow you to observe the sea’s wonders in the most effective way.  
Our innovative line of snorkelling equipment is made of all the necessary materials to observe the beauty of marine diversity: kids and adults fins, snorkelling masks, simple snorkelling sets or those with vivid patterns and practical wetsuits for both kids and adults.
Our junior sets will allow the youngest ones to discover this activity with practical solutions such as open-heel fins, single lens masks and comfortable snorkels.
Thanks to Mares #justaddwater and its snorkelling products you can discover the marine world that surrounds us in an easy and comfortable way, experiencing fantastic underwater life.
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A variety of combos

Don't forget to pack your mask & snorkel duo!

Don't forget to pack your duo!