New Mares EPIC ADJ 82X regulator



A new, high performance first stage - a radical departure from any existing regulators!


The new Epic ADJ 82X is the top-of-the-line in Mares regulators

Boasting unique, exceptional technical features
The 1st and 2nd stages are treated with a Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD), offering unbeatable scratch and corrosion resistance, protecting your regulator and ensuring long-lasting performance.
All LP ports offer Mares’ patented Dynamic Flow Control (DFC), for elevated and consistent airflow at all depths.
Another unique feature of this first stage are two pre-oriented high pressure (HP) ports, angled opposite each other. This allows the diver to use a pressure gauge and/or computer transmitter. Additionally, the 1st stage can be positioned with the swivel turret facing up or down, providing maximum freedom of choice.
The 82X first stage is equipped with Mares’ Auto Sealing Technology (AST) system, providing excellent protection against intrusion of water or unwanted matter. A very simple mechanical solution keeps the internal mechanism dry and free of obstruction, consequently providing superior reliability.
The 82X is available in INT and DIN versions.
The Epic second stage is today’s benchmark for all regulators on the market.
The metal body 2nd stage is unbeatable for cold water diving, extremely durable, while being elegant at the same time.
This second stage is pneumatically balanced, offering effortless and comfortable breathing in every situation. Divers will appreciate the option to adjust cracking effort (initial effort to start the flow of air) by simply turning an adjustment knob. Designed to be easily adjusted even if wearing thick gloves.
The innovative Twin Power System offers further adjustment, allowing the diver to control the rate of airflow. A simple turn increases air flow on demand; designed for a diver working hard or making very deep dives.
Vortex Assisted Design (VAD) allows for unobstructed airflow and consistent natural breathing at any depth.
The purge button is large and on a pivot, providing effortless use in any circumstance.
All of these unique characteristics combined, position the Epic ADJ 82X at the top of the line. Maximum performance for the most demanding divers.
New Regulator Mares
Mares regulator epic

The 82X balanced diaphragm first stage, guarantees unparalleled breathing and consistent performance at any depth

The 1st stage has a swivel turret with 5 low pressure (LP) ports (4 radial, and 1 vertical), meeting the needs of every diver, including advanced or technical divers with specific LP hose configurations.

first stage Mares
Mares first Stage 82x


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