The Dual family of regulators is for those looking for performance and reliability at a competitive price
This brand-new 2nd stage constructed of a new technopolymer is ultralight and highly resistant to wear. The Vortex Assisted Design (VAD) featured in all Mares regulators allows for dynamic airflow, ensuring natural breathing at any depth.
The Dual ADJ 2nd stage is also fitted with a system for adjusting cracking effort. This adjustment is intuitive to use, fine tunes initial breathing effort, and is easy to grip, even if wearing thick gloves.
Dual ADJ 2nd stage is balanced, using the Pneumatically Assisted Design (PAD) system to deliver easy and comfortable breathing in every situation.
The combination of the PAD system and the option to adjust cracking effort provides the best performance and ease of breathing under all conditions at any depth.
The large purge button is made of two materials; an elastic technopolymer ensuring durability and easy use. The Superflex hose is incredibly lightweight and flexible, increasing diving comfort.  
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Mares 52X 1st stage

It is a balanced diaphragm design, guaranteeing outstanding and reliable performance
Featuring a pearl chrome finish, ensuring resistance to scratching while providing a unique and elegant look.
4 pre-oriented, low-pressure ports mean flexible hose routing. Two are optimized with Dynamic Flow Control (DFC), improving airflow particularly at depth. The 52X 1st stage also boasts Natural Convection Channel technology (NCC) allowing for better thermal exchange which increases resistance to freezing in cold-water environments.
This 1st stage is equipped with Mares' Auto Sealing Technology (AST) system, providing excellent protection against intrusion of water or unwanted matter. A very simple mechanical solution keeps the internal mechanism dry and free of obstruction, consequently providing superior reliability.
The 52X is available in INT and DIN versions.


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