Mares scubadiving regulators

second stages


Mares second stages feature VAD Technology. This revolutionary patented delivery system creates a low pressure inside the 2nd stage during inhalation.
The air coming from the LP-hose passes through the second stage valve and is routed directly to the mouthpiece through our Mares patented bypass tube.
Innovative molding technology, allows Mares to achieve special contours of the bypass tube, resulting in a flow of air that creates a swirling effect or vortex movement. The core of the vortex is a low pressure area that pulls the diaphragm down during the inhalation phase, resulting in a markedly sensitive and easy breathing regulator.
Compared with the traditional Venturi effect technology that all other regulators in the market are based on, our ingenious solution has a number of advantages:
■ Allows for the feel of natural breathing. You do not have the feeling of air being “injected” into your mouth, as in many other types of second stages. ■ The possibility of freezing the 2nd stage mechanical parts in cold water is considerably reduced because the air expansion inside the 2nd stage occurs in the bypass tube, rather than on the mechanical parts. Ultimately minimizing potential free-flow due to freezing.
Many models of Mares regulators with VAD 2nd stages are approved and used by Rescue Agencies, Military Divisions, including the U.S. Navy, for dives in extreme conditions and especially cold water.


Second stage models featuring the Breathing Effort System also feature the PAD System (Pneumatically Assisted Design); with this system, the low-pressure air from the first stage is directed through a hole in the center of the second stage valve, until it reaches an air chamber located at the end of the valve.
With the same pressure on both sides of the valve, the spring tension required to close the valve is greatly reduced. Lighter spring tension translates into reduced breathing effort.
This in combination with the 2nd stage VAD which is automatically regulating air flow based on the divers demand, results in a high performance, highly comfortable, and natural breathing 2nd stage!


Our Mares Superflex Hoses undergo additional testing to ensure advanced comfort and light weight during use, including superior reliability over time.
In fact, in addition to the stretch (1000N for 20”) and burst (100bar for 25”) tests called for under EN250, at Mares our hoses undergo additional heat tests.
During these tests, the pressurized hoses are immersed in warm water for 75 hours testing their integrity over time, even under extreme weather conditions.


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