WATERPROOF BAG, a very spacious duffel bag, handy for stowing most of your diving gear.
Available in white and black (also with a black bottom), it has a dual closing system: rollable and adjustable, in order to make the bag entirely watertight. The bag has an outer pocket where you can keep various items and a special “all around” handle which, wrapping all the way around the outside of the bag, also reinforces the structure, increasing resistance in the case of weights. With hand and shoulder straps included, it is a truly versatile solution for transporting large quantities of material, thanks to its 55-liter capacity.  

dray bags

click on play and watch the video

click on play and watch the video


The most particular element of the Dry Bags line, however, is definitely the 15-liter modular waterproof backpack
An “all-in-one” bag, ideal for storing materials that must be protected from water and humidity, it is also available in white or black with a dark bottom, and its characteristic “rollable” closing system makes it completely watertight. A special internal pocket has been added that can hold a computer, tablet or other delicate items that must be kept dry. This removable pocket has special reinforcing protection on the bottom side. There is also a special outer pocket, connected to the backpack with 4 buckles, which can be removed and also used as a “stand alone” bag. Very spacious, with a waterproof compartment and special protective padding, as well as a mesh compartment where any wet items can be stored, it transforms the backpack into a truly versatile accessory. The pre-formed adjustable shoulder straps, along with the waist and chest straps – also adjustable – guarantee a perfect fit and ensure stable and reliable positioning during movement.  


The new tubular (T) DRY BAGS
The new tubular (T) WATERPROOF SACKS are available in 4 different sizes (5, 10, 25 and 35 liters) with a size/color system that immediately distinguishes the different capacities (white, red, light blue and silver, depending on the size). The bottom piece is black to avoid getting the sack dirty. The closing system is very easy and fast: Simply roll up the top of the sack, close it with the clip and that's it.