70 Years of Mares!

Ludovico Mares' Story

In 2019, Mares turned 70! To celebrate this momentous occasion, we will be publishing an in-depth history of Mares’ founder, Ludovico Mares, in instalments over the coming weeks.

Ludovico Mares, born in Pula, Croatia, in 1898, created his first scuba diving mask at the age of 21, using only a car tire inner tube and glass! Find out what led him there - from fishing in shoals as a child to enrolling in the navy and completing dive training in WWI, working in a shipyard, developing underwater fishing skills, spreading the word about his self-made dive equipment, becoming a dive instructor, moving to Italy and developing the Mares brand we all know today…these are just some parts of the tale!

Thanks to Anton Percan, born in Rakalj, Croatia, for telling this story, originally published in 'The Tales from the History of Pula'.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3