Mares Ambassador

Riccardo Sturla Avogadri


Riccardo Sturla Avogadri was born in Ferrara (22/09/1970) in to a family which has always had risk, and most recently extreme sports (parachuting, bobsledding, scuba diving, rafting etc.) in its DNA. It's not by chance that the family coat of arms includes the motto “In Periculis”.

His grandfather, Antonio Sturla, is a pioneer of Italian cinema, shooting and directing over 100 pieces between films and documentaries.

Riccardo received the coveted 'Riconoscimento San Giorgio' from the Ferrara Chamber of Commerce in 2002 thanks to a film about sharks made in the Bahamas, for the following reasons: “For his passionate dedication to spreading knowledge about the protection of the marine world, and developing the technique of putting sharks in to a state of relax immobility”. The video fell into the hands of Licia Colò, who hosted Riccardo on the show “IL PIANETA DELLE MERAVIGLIE” on RAI 3, where he became the figure responsible for the sea world on his show between 2004 and 2008, filming 20 episodes for the national channel RAI 3.

Riccardo was a Nikon testimonial between 2004 and 2010:

Reportage 1

Reportage 2

Reportage 3

He was also a Nimar testimonial between 2004 and 2010. He uses various cases and reflex cameras.

He has always exclusively used Mares dive gear, testing various models in diverse environments and situations which are both extreme and not.

In 2018 he won two awards at EUDI MOVIE in category B with the film 'Shark Therapy' and category C with the film 'Thriller Cage'.

In 2018 he also received an award from PADI for 20 years as a dive professional, the prestigious PADI AWARD ELITE 200 as IDCS/TEC instructor and the PADI Master Scuba Diver Challenge.

In 2019 he won the Award Elite 100 and became a PADI Master Instructor.

As well as his dive-related activities, Riccardo was also an Airbus pilot from 1997 to 2016.

In 2020 he took up flying again, piloting a private Falcon 900EX.