Nuno Sá


Nuno Sá completed his Law degree at one of Portugal’s top universities in 2001. One year later, he moved to the Azores where he lived for 12 years in order to pursue his dream of living a life connected to the sea.

Nuno was the first Portuguese wildlife photographer to be awarded some of the world’s major nature photography accolades, and is the author of six books and several dozen articles published in both national and international magazines.

As a wildlife photographer, Nuno has been very active in raising marine awareness regarding the unique sea life of the Azores and Portugal. In 2010, he opened Portugal’s first production company specialized in underwater imagery – Atlantic Ridge Productions - as a new way of getting people involved with the underwater world.

Under or over water (but mostly under) Nuno has cooperated as a producer, director of photography and cameraman with several national and international TV channels such as the BBC, the National Geographic Channel, the Discovery Channel UK, the Japanese channel NHK, the Austrian ORF/Universum and many others.

Nuno was part of the team of main cinematographers of Blue Planet 2, episodes 1 (One Ocean) and 4 (Big Blue), shooting in the Azores and Norway. His participation in the team earned him a BAFTA in 2018.

As of 2019, he has been producing Portugal´s first major production about the country’s sealife.